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Smart Watermark Tool to Claim Ownership and Make Brands Known

Press Release 05/18/2009

Easy Watermark Creator builds up a multiple watermark protection for images before publishing them on the web. The support for different image formats, preset and custom watermarks, as well as the batch mode help mark image ownership and advertise brands.

Image Tools Group today announces the release of an extended version of Easy Watermark Creator 2.3, a visual protection tool. The new version offers export to PDF-files, export to defined file type in Batch Wizard and command line mode. The new features aim at easier image processing and provide stronger visual protection for your intellectual property. Plus, the intuitive and multi-language interface makes Easy Watermark Creator the perfect tool for both new and experienced users.

"Those people, who work with images regularly, should find in Easy Watermark Creator 2.3 several features that make light work of batch processing," says Vladimir Varenkov, CEO of Image Tools Group. "Batch work is now possible from both the program's dialog box and the command line. Easy Watermark Creator embraces subfolders and supports a mask input for file names. Processed files can be either renamed or overwritten. Additional image resizing, export to defined file type in Batch Wizard and command line mode, EXIF support further extend the range of available options. All these features were suggested by our customers. They should better satisfy various needs of image protection and editing."

The program's functionality has made it the first choice for many users and software evaluation websites. "I have looked at several watermark programs and I like yours the best," says Barbara Hidalgo, Kompuwiz Computer Solutions. "First I'd like to say your program is excellent," says Gordon Virasawmi. "I use it in scripts I wrote for a small business client I am developing for. Your program has consolidated an 8-hour job into about 10 minutes. With its help we process about 250 images in 1 day".

Easy Watermark Creator 2.3 provides users with a variety of tools for image protection. The program supports three main watermark types: image, text, and date. Combinations of placement and color options, however, offer additional image rendering and texture effects, which equally serve the protection and editing purposes. Each watermark type supports smart placement, the choice of a color scheme and transparency. Additionally, text and date watermarks enable tile positioning and change of the angle. The support for system default languages enables users to create watermarks with any language, including multi-bit language characters. The diversity of visual effects, supported by robust batch processing, makes Easy Watermark Creator 2.3 an excellent choice of an image protection tool. It can equally serve as a stand-alone solution, or as a part of a multi-stage image processing.

Features at a Glance:

  • Support for BMP, JPEG (JPG), PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF(including multipage TIFF), ICO (only watermarks), GIF formats in images and watermarks;
  • Three main watermark types (image, text and date) and additional effects (rendering, texture, etc.);
  • Choice of colors and fonts (including system languages);
  • Regulated degree of transparency and angle;
  • Ability to make, save, and edit lists of applied watermarks and image collections for watermarks;
  • Rich editing options for separate watermarks;
  • Smart watermark placement with offsets, tiles, rotation, flipping and relocating with mouse;
  • Clipboard support for images (BMP);
  • Ability to save images with watermarks into a file with an appended name or overwrite;
  • Batch mode and command line support;
  • Support for EXIF data (including edit option) in JPG, TIFF files and compression quality in JPG files;
  • Image resizing from both command line and batch wizard.

Availability and Pricing
Easy Watermark Creator 2.3 runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 platforms and costs $29 (USD) for a personal license and $42 (USD) for a business license. All registered users are entitled to free technical support and upgrades. An evaluation version is available as a free download from

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